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Liamvasik Arts Minimal Painting Acrylic - Trapezoid
Liamvasik Arts Minimal Painting Mixed - Burgos
Liamvasik Arts Lirical Abstraction Painting Watercolor - Greenture
Liamvasik Arts Minimal B/W Painting Acrylic - Urfino
Liamvasik Arts Minimal Sculpture - Roots
Liamvasik Arts Minimal Sculpture - Wooden Frames
Liamvasik Arts Minimal Sculpture - RB Pull
Liamvasik Arts Minimal Sculpture - Bronzen
Liamvasik ArtWorks Ltd. Nemesio Etxaniz 7, San Sebastian - Gipuzkoa- Spain
Hours 7 am – 11pm, daily

Art is not a luxury is a necessity

Sometimes, and only sometimes, when the stars align and everything goes good or really bad, comes something (or someone) mysterious and powerful that through me expresses in a drawing, a painting, a sculpture or similar. A mixture of feeling, mood, deep move and need to "let something". Enjoy LiamVasik!

Unique Art Liamvasik Fine Arts
Intelligent Art background Liamvasik Painting popup - Brush Paintings No matter the color, medium, size or technique. What matters is what it conveys. Liamvasik Sculpture popup - Gouge Sculptures Carve, sculpt, model shapes... are ways to create volume.

Liamvasik Fine Arts

This website intends to be the fine art gallery to show the different works carried out in the disciplines in which I express my concerns. The variety and difference of styles responds to personal research and experimentation. Colors, techniques, textures, materials ... everything serves to create. And I like to create things, not just imagine them. I hope that something you see you like, inspire you or gives you ideas; anything but leaving you indifferent.

Artistic expression often turns out to be "something without apparent sense that could have been made by any person" and surely it is so, only that it is necessary "to do it".

And this is what I do:


340,00 €

RB Pull

235,00 €


275,00 €


225,00 €

Void Frames

270,00 €


170,00 €

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